Fibre Optic Cabling

Our Fibre optic cabling team have experience in all types of optical data cabling. Whether multi mode or single mode full installation or just terminating and testing. We employ the best technique for terminating – fibre optic fusion splicing to minimise loss. We  also provide a rapid response fibre optic emergency repair service.

Multi Mode Fibre optic cabling

OM1 – older specification -1Gb up to 300 metres

OM2 – not generally used for modern installations – 1Gb up to 600 metres

OM3 – 10Gb up to 300 metres ; 40Gb to 100Gb up to 100 metres

OM4 – 10Gb up to 550 metres ;  100Gb up to 150 metres


Single Mode Fibre optic cabling

+ far greater distance than multi-mode- up to 10Km  -Ve media converters more expensive

  • OS1 more generally indoor use (less restriction on bend radius) 10Gb up to 2Km
  • OS2 long hauls 10Gb ~ 80Km with suitable transceiver or several 1000 Km with light amplifiers


Both MM & SM come in 2 types: loose tube fibre generally external usage -protection from moisture ingress; tight buffered is more flexible eg indoor use