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Structured Cabling Benefits – Voice & Data

Structure Data Cabling

We get asked a lot of questions about voice and data cabling and what benefits are to be had.

Thankfully there are many, so we thought it was about time we did a blog post covering them and how this can help your business function more effectively on the day to day.

Sales offices, customer service departments and call centres would be some of the work environments that quite simply need this type of service but in reality, any business with even a relatively small telecoms set up is going to reap the many rewards.


Firstly though, what do we mean by voice and data cabling?

Put simply it is a type of structured data cabling that places its focus on ensuring you have the right network infrastructure in place to best optimise your voice and data requirements.

People ask us whether it is right for their business and the short answer is ‘yes’ but have a look at some of the reasons why we think so and we’re sure you’ll see that structured data cabling could be the answer for your business.

One thing every business owner wants to hear…


It is very cost effective’

In terms of structured cabling, voice and data cabling will prove to be easier on your pocket than a point to point system.

It also contributes to lowering your energy costs for your set up so if you don’t want to sacrifice quality whilst reducing your costs it has to be seen as a great choice for any business.


Less clutter means higher productivity’

Tired of there being a seemingly impenetrable tangle of cables piling up under desks and around your work space?

Who isn’t?

People who don’t take advantage of structured voice and data cabling that’s who! Not only will this type of structured cabling service ensure that your office cable clutter is near non existent but ever heard of ‘broken window theory’?

In short, a tidier more presentable space creates a more positive mood and more productive working environment, who doesn’t want that?


A more efficient, faster option’

When compared to your point to point servers, structured voice and data cabling ensures your data is distributed more quickly, ensuring faster internet speeds, among other things, and the bonus of being more straight forward to upgrade without bringing your telecoms to its knees with frustrating downtime.

This form of cabling is essentially guaranteed to make data travel faster and more efficiently from A to B.

If you need to perform any maintenance to the system, this is also much more straight forward further reducing the risk of downtime. Less downtime equals greater productivity and less frustrated faces in the offices, a win win every time!


Did we mention it is incredibly flexible?’

We’ve briefly touched on this above but, this type of set up can be tailored just as easily to a regional SME with just one office as it is to a large organisation. It is also easier to move and upgrade as your business grows.


Perfect for Voip systems’

Still looking to cut your bills but keep call quality your customers and staff can rely on? Structured voice and data cabling improves your connection to Voip systems and services.

The majority of our clients have now made the switch from traditional phone packages to Voip systems and seen the benefit in their overheads without seeing a degradation in the quality of their calls.

If you’ve not already made the switch maybe you should take a look here – Voip Telephone Systems.

In short, structured data cabling is a telecoms solution that anybody can benefit from. If you aren’t already but are considering making the switch, you’re in the right place. Our team of time honoured telecoms experts are on hand to help you make the right choice.

If you require our expertise than you can get in touch on Contact us page here.

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