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If your business is expanding and you have to take the plunge into obtaining more office space and new premises then you’l almost certainly some telecoms choices to make, after all, what business can function if it can’t do what many of us take for granted – communicate.

Not so long ago a client approached us with just this issue – ready to expand, needing to take over new premises nearby. The new premises wasn’t far, in fact the two properties were only separated by a car park.

Wanting to expand from their current set up and link it to the new workspace was the aim of the game and, as there were no routable ducts available to take advantage of, to add a further spanner in the mix the site only had poor ADSL2+ and with the monthly recurring charges of line rental and broadband it was going to be a very slow and costly connection.

After considering any and all potential pitfalls we were left with two front runners in terms of viable options.


Option 1

Install a brand new broadband capable line within the new workspace and link it to their original office via a VPN. This option would incur recurring monthly charges of for the line rental and broadband.


Option 2

Install a radio link to so that the two premises were connected and the original premises could share its existing telecoms capabilities with the other. This option would only incur the costs of installation, configuration and set up.


Thankfully because there was a clear line of sight between the two buildings the option of the Radio link was favoured by all and we set about our work.

The radio link solution consistd of a Ubiquiti wireless bridge that utilised the NanoStation at each end. These impressive and reliable units offer up to 300Mbps connection over short distances and have supposedly been clocked to go up to 13kms. Thankfully since all the hardware is situated in an external unit, there is no signal loss or degradation which caan sometimes be the case with a conventional radio cable and antenna configuration.

By no means is this type of approach only a commercial option. We have also used these in a residential environments to great effect whereby one customer could get FTTC whilst a friend of his just ½ mile away could not.

Whether commercial or residential it is more important than ever that you have access to strong and reliable telecommunications solutions in place. To ensure you get the best service possible, contact Commswise, and we can help you find the best solution for your situation.

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