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Business Telephone Systems

Commswise installs and maintains all business ready communications systems.
Each system is tailored to your specific requirements

See below for sample questions to help determine your business needs.

What happens when people call you?

For example, what happens if the call is not answered? What happens if the department/person is busy or absent?  do you want it forwarded to someone else? voicemail? other people in the department? receptionist?

What's your budget?

Deciding your budget beforehand means we can tailor a solution that works now. This could be a temporary solution or something with scalability for the future.

What features do you need?

This is important and can link directly into budget. There’s a difference between what you must have and what would be nice to have and you need to make the distinction early on and decide if you need any options available for later. We can help by showing you what’s available as sometimes you don’t know what you need until someone shows you!

Cloud based or premises based?

With a cloud hosted solution, your telephone’s connected to a system over the internet. It is charged per user (aka per “seat”).

It can therefore be ideal for small businesses who have say, two or three offices with three phones in each, with transparency between branches. (each seat can cost as low as £10 per month inc calls)

On site telephone systems or PBX’s are suitable for larger organisations and frequently offer more flexibility in call handling. An in-house PBX can support a variety of handsest (eg IP, digital, analogue) as well as offering different levels of redundancy.

VoIP or traditional lines?

BT Openreach plan to eventually replace all traditional telephone lines using Voice over IP (VoIP).

Since VoIP and SIP trunk line rental is usually cheaper than traditional (analogue/ISDN) lines, it makes sense to start looking at whether your internet connection can support your requirements.

Give us a call, well be happy to advise.

Call us on 0800 279 0445 for friendly advice and support

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