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Business Telephone Systems, Solutions & Maintenance

Commswise is a leading specialist in telecoms solutions in Oxfordshire and installs and maintains telecommunication systems from the most reputable brands in the telecoms industry.

To help you with making an important decision on which setup or equipment you would need, we have listed below some factors to consider.

What are your objectives when people call you?

For example, what happens if the call is not answered after four rings? What happens if the department or colleague is busy or absent?

How much do you want to pay?

You can pay a few £100 or several £1000. We recommend the business telephone system that can expand and develop with your business  and tailored to your budget.

What features do you need?

This is an important question when selecting your telephone system to ensure that your equipment  will support your present and future needs.

This includes voice mail, call recording, auto attendant, wall boards, computer integration and many more.

Cloud based or premises based?

With a cloud based hosted solution, your telephones connect to a central server over the internet. It is charged per user or “seat”.

It is therefore ideally suited for small businesses, for example an estate agent which may have two – three offices with three phones in each, with transparency between branches. Our feature rich  hosted platform Nimbus  UC costs around £9.00 per month per seat and includes calls.

On site telephone systems or PBX are suitable for larger applications and, can be argued, provide more flexibility in call handling. An in house PBX will also support IP, digital and analogue telephone instruments, especially suitable for legacy telecom cabling.

VoIP or traditional lines?

BT Openreach’s plan for the future is to replace traditional telephone lines with Voice over IP.

Since VoIP and SIP trunk line rental is a fraction of traditional analogue and ISDN lines, it is really a question of whether your broadband connection would support the necessary bandwidth and we would be happy to advise.

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We Install The Best Business Telephone Systems

At Commswise, we know which business telephone systems are better than others. As a consequence, we supply our clients with telecom systems that are only from the most reputable brands in the industry.

You can choose between Panasonic, Samsung, Avaya, or even our very own hosted telephone system.

With experience telephone engineers on our books, we will provide the full installation for you. This guarantees that your business telephone system is installed correctly and ready to work as quickly as possible.

To go alongside this, our engineers are also available to carry out maintenance services as well.

Commswise will continue to check up on your system to ensure it’s working properly and there aren’t any lingering issues.

If you do experience faults, then we can fix them for you quickly by providing fast diagnosis and effetctive solutions.

Interested in any of our telephone solutions?

Panasonic Telephone Systems

Panasonic business communication systems offer the flexibility required by any business today. Ultimately flexible and reliable, they are capable of being configured to meet the needs of any organisation from a one-site organisation expecting to grow and needing a system with the flexibility to handle increasing demand, to a multi-site company needing efficient communication options across locations and/or time zones.

Samsung Telephone Systems

Specially designed to handle increasing and evolving voice and data traffic patterns, the Samsung OfficeServ 7400 supports traditional voice communications, Voice over IP (VoIP), IP-based data communications and wireless solutions, serving your employees’ individual needs and maximizing their productivity at work. The Samsung telephone systems are as reliable as they come and always provide innovative features.

Avaya Telephone Systems

The Avaya telephone system brings your calls, messaging, conferencing, and customer management together in on system. Expandable, unified communications solution, sending email, voicemail, and text to the same inbox. It delivers the right software features to the right people. People can work from anywhere with an internet connection and still use all the IP Office system features that they rely on.

Commswise HV.Select

HV.Select is a hosted telephone system. This cloud based telephony service is easy to use and simple to configure – a virtual PBX you can rely on. Your calls are made and received over a voice-over-internet broadband connection, and you configure and monitor your phones through a very straightforward web portal. Highly stable and highly recommended.