OXFORD OFFICE - 01865 844 000
LONDON OFFICE - 0203 889 5555

Need to be in the office when you're clearly not?

The office is everywhere


Get with the program!

In this day and age you can be in the office no matter where you are. Commswise can get you connected using various technologies or products so that you can be productive and effective from any location

Part of the network

You can be connected to the office network as if you were still sitting opposite creepy Simon (every office has one). Whether you connect via the web to cloud services or directly to site with a VPN we can make sure you’re plugged in.

Cost effective connectivity.

There's an app for that

Use your mobile like your desk phone. Same features, same number, but on that extension of your arm that you can’t be without. Get voicemails to email and never miss a call or a message.

Try using your mobile for work for a change…

Phone calls

You can have an office extension at home.  Same phone, same number, same features – just different location. Callers think you’re in the office and you can do anything on the phone that you do in the office.

Talk is cheap.



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