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Data cable installation
With a client recently expanding and taking over a new premises across a car park a connection to the existing premises was needed. With no routable ducts available there were only 2 viable options. Option 1 install a new line with broadband in the new office and link to existing office via a VPN. monthly...
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96 Cat6A cables that have been recently installed and terminated. Today we have handed over the Fluke test results and the data cable installation is now signed off and complete. Having a high volume of traffic and large file transfers, Cat6A was chosen as it supports 10Gbit/s connections. Black cable stocking has been used inside...
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Today we have been installing Cat6 A data cabling. This product can support up to 10 giga bits per second data transfer connections. It is one of the most expensive data copper cable you can use but with that comes great perfomance specs. Ideally used as a back bone infractucture between comms racks or servers....
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